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Solar Installation

Reduced Energy Costs

Solar is the best way to reduce your home energy costs. We offer complete systems that are made just for your home. Our systems are custom designed based on your power consumptoin needs in order to maximize you return on investment. Typically , a high-performance system can reduce your energy bill by 40%-60%.

Government Incentives

Federal rebate incentives are available providing a tax credit for 30% of the total installed cost with no limit. Califonria is also providing rebates and/or tax incentives up to 20% of the installed cost.


We install only top quality photovolatic systems made in the USA by SolarWorld. There are no moving parts to maintain or wear out. Sunmodules are guaranteed for 25 years and designed to last 30 or more.

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We offer a wide variety of purchase and lease options to fit your unique solar needs. Join our happy customers who are making a positive impact on the planet by choosing a cleaner energy source that lowers your utility bills for real savings month after month, year after year.